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For $29 dollars a month we will send you a new random watch that you’ll get to keep. Rest assured, your watch will always be impressive, classy and stylish – The Wrist Society standard. You’ll receive a watch that will have your friends asking “where did you get that watch?”

There is no contract, no hidden fees, just a sweet watch every month. We are making a commitment to our society members that we will not only provide the best watches, but the best customer service.

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At $39 dollars a month as an Elite member you have equity in the selection of the monthly watches. Meaning we’ll randomly ask you your opinion on the watch of the month. The purpose is to create a society that harbor’s civility in the monthly selection process guaranteeing a watch Wrist Society love’s every time.

For helping Wrist Society vote and pick the watch of the month, Elite members will receive an impressive Men’s Fashion Bracelet every month to compliment their watch.

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Why would I want a new watch every month?

We are often asked this question and after receiving countless feedback from our members we have come to the conclusion that watches can be one of the most important factors when it comes to style, especially for guys. When it comes to accessorizing let's face it, men are limited. Which is why watches generally receive more compliments than anything else worn. Wearing a watch can show how great your sense of style is, especially when you have the ability to make multiple watches work with any fit. To put it simply- wearing different watches illustrates diversity. Diversity makes you interesting. There,s a certain feeling associated with having a watch collection and picking out a watch knowing its the perfect timepiece to suit your day. Wrist Society understands that watches are more than just to tell time - watches tell a story of who you are.